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Sara Eggler, Full-time Real Estate Agent & Marketing Consultant
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Buying Client Services

Finding Your Dream Home Just Became A Reality...

“Don’t Miss Out On Your Dream Home!”

It’s true. Anyone can search for a home on the internet and may even get to peek inside of a few without signing on with a real estate agent, but with so many properties coming and going so quickly in the recent months, unless you work part-time or not at all, you may miss out on finding your dream home. Many properties that priced correctly and are in desirable locations, are selling within the first ten days of going on the internet. Professional Realtors, like myself, have the benefit of knowing what’s coming on the market, within 24 hours of them going on the market and sometimes prior to. 

So, you found your dream home... What’s Next? Don’t panic. I know how to help!

Choosing The Best Realtor:

Picking an agent can be tricky, especially if you're new to an area. Do your research! There is a difference between an "Agent" & a "Realtor". Agents are able to represent you in buying or selling property, but a Realtor vows to follow an ethical code, throughout each transaction. 

Testimonials and feedback will give you a good idea on who is providing outstanding services to their clients. Decide whether you want a full or part-time agent to work on your behalf. Essentially if you hire a part-time agent, you can expect they will work on your behalf part time. Likewise, full-time agents, like myself will GO TO WORK for you 40+ hours / week. 

Buying Clients of mine are never left out in my technical & innovative endeavors. I’m always looking for the newest & most cutting-edge technology to search for new homes and provide my clients with the best tools & knowledge necessary to make important real estate decisions.

In addition to market expertise, I promise to provide the utmost service to my buying clients, from the beginning of the search, to the closing table, keeping them knowledgeable and updated through-out each step of the closing process.

The Buying Client Diagnosis Process:

A Buying Client Diagnosis is a detrimental part of the buying process. Through-out the diagnosis we will discover your needs and wants in your next property. This is the first step required to support a success yet enjoyable buying experience.

After we find your dream property, I will provide you with the tools, statistics, and knowledge necessary in presenting an appropriate, affordable offer.

Once your offer has been accepted, myself and my team of professional staff members will work diligently to get your property to the closing table. This includes but is not limited to handling & correspondence of all paperwork and forms to your lender and title attorney. 

Helpful Buying Tips:

Save Your Money for A Down Payment & Earnest Money Deposit - The more money you have to put down as an earnest money deposit & down payment, the less money you will need to finance from a financial lender and lesser the amount of closing costs, at the time of closing. Down payment, deposit, & closing costs are three different costs associated with purchasing a property. You should consider saving for all closing and loan expenses, when considering home buying. 

Get Pre-Approved First – Fish Real Estate now has an In-House Lender, More Than A Mortgage! Providing the Convenience of "One-Stop Shopping" for Real Estate Services!  Contact a mortgage lender for a financial lending pre-approval for a mortgage. This will provide you and your agent with good solid foundation to find you the perfect property. It’s BEST to get a pre-approval FIRST, as we are currently in a sellers market and this will prepare you & put you in a better position to write an offer when the perfect home is found. It also provides us with the price range of home to search, as well as loan type(s) you and properties your interested in, are qualified for.

Click here to learn more about our in-house lender, More Than A Mortgage  

Spend Wisely - If you're a serious buyer, now is the time to become conservative with your spending.  Mortgage lenders are prone to check your credit several times, through-out the Pending Sale process, to determine if you have enough to close on your home and ensure you can afford the new monthly payments. When you're in the process of buying a home, it's best to pay your bills on or before the due dates, hold-off on buying expensive items, and refrain from taking out additional credit lines or credit cards. In other words, it's best to buy only the necessities and refrain from extending any type of credit until after closing!